Worship Calendar

10:00 a.m. Every Sunday


February 24:

Guest Preacher, Rev. Don Vincent

Luke 6:27-38

March 3:  

“Eyeing the Path of Transformation”

Transfiguration Communion 

Luke 9:28-36 

Ash Wednesday Labyrinth Walk 

Wednesday, March 6 at 6:30 pm 

Using the ancient tool of the labyrinth, this solemn service will provide space to release obstacles and center ourselves for the Lenten journey.   The distribution of ashes connects us to our humanity as we clear the path to love ourselves, our neighbors and God.  Accessible to people of all physical abilities.  

Lent Worship: Growing Friendships

Sweet friendships refresh the soul, and awaken our hearts with joy, for good friends are like the anointing oil that yields the fragrant incense of God’s presence. – Proverbs 27:9 

Friends are often angels sent by God to be with us, for a season or a reason.  Friendship brings beauty to our world.  Friends remind us that we are not alone.  Friends challenge us to grow, comfort us in trials, and celebrate life’s joys.  

Friendship is also good for our health!  According to Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, “strong social bonds is probably the most meaningful contributor to happiness.”  Furthermore, friendships improve our odds of survival by fifty percent.  Shasta Nelson reports in her book, Friendships don’t just happen!, that “low social interaction can be compared to the damage caused by smoking fifteen cigarettes a day and… is twice as dangerous as obesity.” 

Loneliness is a growing threat to our mental, physical, social and spiritual health.  Without friendship we remain isolated, our spiritual growth is stunted, and our physical wellbeing diminishes.  Friendship is important for each of us personally, but it is also vital to the growth of our church community.  

Friendship is the glue of community, especially a faith community.   We know that church is not a building, but the people.  However, a people without friendship is just a collection of disconnected building blocks.  Friendship is the glue the binds the people together and builds up the church to be a strong beacon of hope and love in the world.  

So this Lent, the forty days leading up to Easter, we will focus on the spiritual importance of friendships – building them, sustaining them, and sharing them.  May our friendships bring healing, love and growth to ourselves, our community and indeed our world.  

Calendar of Sermons & Scriptures

March 10:  

“Friendship Matters” 

Matthew 4:1-11 & 1 Kings 19:5-8 

March 17:  

“Be Open & Consistent”  

Luke 13:31-35 

March 24:  

“Add Positivity” 

Luke 15:1-10 and/or Isaiah 55:1-13 

March 31:  

“Increase Vulnerability” 

Psalm 32 (“while I kept silence, my body wasted away”) 

April 7:  

“Meeting as Friends” 

Philippians 3:4b-14 

April 14:  

Palm Sunday “Trusting Friends” 

Luke 19:28-40 

Maundy Thursday:  

April 18, 2019 at 7:00 pm 

“Forgiving Friends” 

April 21:  

Easter “Friendship Resurrection” 

John 20:1-18

10:00 am Service with choir and sermon

7:00 am Sunrise Celebration on front steps