Worship Calendar

10:00 a.m. Every Sunday

12.2.18: Hope at the Table

12.9.18: Path for Peace

How do we weave peace into our lives?  Not fluffy peace, but heart settling peace.  Sunday we prepare ourselves for the peace of Christ with Zechariah’s prophecy and an unconventional art project.

12.16.18: “Candles, Stars, and Light” Musical Cantata

The Senior Choir and Orchestra, under the direction of Jerry Scheinfeldt, will present a Cantata of “Candles, Stars and Light”.  This musical offering will be a moving, emotional, and spiritual experience.

12.23.18: Christmas Pageant

The Christmas Pageant features church members of all ages playing the parts: Meet Gabriel, the Shepherds, their Sheep, the Wise Men, Mary and Joseph and, of course, the Angels. The new Basler twins will play Jesus. The program is centered around Jesus as the Light of the World and
how His love brings a light into each of us. It will inspire you as well  as prepare you for Christmas.

12.24.18 Candlelight Christmas Eve 9:30 p.m.

A mystical service sparking light in the darkness of night.  Candles and lanterns illuminate the incarnation of the Divine.  Embodied in human flesh God is born among us!

12.30.18: Holy Festive Music, lead by music director, Jerry Scheinfeldt

1.6.18:  Baptism of Basler babies

Celebrating a new year and new life!