Faith Family

“The people of First Church are my family!”
-nearly every First Church member

Spirituality is a communal practice: we need each other. We support each other when times are hard. We cheer each other on in times of celebration. We challenge each other to grow in love of God and neighbor. First Church is a family where you are known and loved just as you are.

Grow with your faith family in Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, Women Empowered and Blessed monthly dinner and program, First Mondays Craft Night, Book Clubs, Movie Nights, Garden Club, Choir, volunteer projects, Bible in Context Study, and more.

Prayer is an important part of growing with your faith family as well.  Share your prayers by emailing

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Field Trip to See Godspell

Sweet Frog Fundraiser for Youth Service Trip

Food for Thought Young Adult Group Cook Out

World Day of Prayer Tea