Spiritual Wisdom & Sermons

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GLBT Pride:

Tell the Story: National Coming Out Day & #MeToo (10/14/18)

 Holy Pride at Stonewall and Prison

Friendship Series:

Friendship Resurrection (Easter 2019)

Forgiving Friends: Kneeling into the ZimZum (Maundy Thursday 2019)

Conflict in Friendships

Vulnerability in Friendships

Positivity in Turmoil

Open to Friendship

Embodied Faith:

Embodied Christmas Meditation Prayer 

The Happy Dance (11.18.18)


Embodied Christmas Meditation Prayer 

Nor did the Darkness Disappear (12.24.18)

Mending the Path to Peace (12.9.18)

Hope at the Table (12.2.18)

Belonging during the Holiday Season (11.25.18)


Risking for Peace – Honoring Veterans with Lasting Peace (11.11.18)

Preparing for World Upheaval (Beatitudes) 

Grief, Loss and Change:

Loss and Grief for Children (and adults) (10/28/18)

Lasting Love through Loss and Change 

Immigration Series:

Immigration Laws Ancient and Modern (9/30/18)

Flee! Plight of Migrants Past and Present (9/23/18)

The Holy Dance with Unjust Rulers/Bosses 

Additional Sermons:

Free to Grow – How to Grow Personally and in Community (11/4/18)

Controlled Chaos: When Bad Things Happen (10/21/18)

Responding to Critique (Role Play) (2.10.19)

Miracles Take Work (John 2:1-11) (1.27.19)

Biblical Truth? Why and How to Read the Bible (10.20.19)