Mission Statement and Priorities


Where should the church spend its money? What should the staff focus their energies on? These important questions are guided by our drafted mission statement and priorities developed by the Standing Committee over the course of 2019 – 2020. Join in the conversation by attending a Standing Committee meeting.

First Congregational Church of East Hartford is a diverse church/faith community/faithful friends overflowing with love for God and Neighbor.  

We are: 

Nourishing our relationship with God in interactive, music-filled, Christian WORSHIP. 

Our Worship Priorities include: 

  • Christian: Bible-based, sacraments, and discussion of Jesus 
  • Music-filled: congregational hymns and choir 
  • Interactive: increase lay participation in worship leadership and try more interactive, less lecture style sermons/exploration of scripture 

Nourishing our diverse community with deep FRIENDSHIPS. 

Our Friendship Priorities include: 

  • Deepen Friendships through regular small groups, pastoral email, and visits with one another 
  • Diversity: deepen understanding of oppression and our Open and Affirming commitment through regular educational opportunities and update our building to be more accessible to all ages, abilities and genders.  
  • Intergenerational: support our Sunday School for children and other activities across generations 

Nourishing our NEIGHBORS in collaboration with other faith communities and the wider church. 

Our Neighborhood Priorities include: 

  • Support for the missions of the wider United Church of Christ 
  • Support for the East Hartford Interfaith Ministries 
  • Advocating for GLBT Concerns by making our rainbow flag more visible 
  • Alleviating Hunger through the community garden, food bank, and soup kitchen support 
  • Education through the Woodward House Education Program, YMCA, and Scouts 

You will notice that nourishing our building is not listed as a mission priority. Rather, our building is a resource, along with our endowment and volunteer energy, to be used to fulfill our mission.