Mission Statement and Priorities

First Congregational Church of East Hartford is a diverse faith community overflowing with love for God and Neighbor.  

We are: 

Nourishing our relationship with God in interactive, music-filled, Christian WORSHIP. 

Our Worship Priorities include: 

  • Christian: Bible-based, sacraments, and discussion of Jesus 
  • Music-filled: congregational hymns and choir 
  • Interactive: lay participation in worship leadership and interactive, less lecture style sermons/exploration of scripture 

Nourishing our diverse community with deep FRIENDSHIPS. 

Our Friendship Priorities include: 

  • Deepen Friendships through regular small groups, pastoral email, and visits with one another 
  • Diversity: deepen understanding of oppression and our Open and Affirming commitment through regular educational opportunities and update our building to be more accessible to all ages, abilities and genders.  
  • Intergenerational: support our Sunday School for children and other activities across generations 

Nourishing our NEIGHBORS in collaboration with other faith communities and the wider church. 

Our Neighborhood Priorities include: 

  • Support for the missions of the wider United Church of Christ 
  • Working to disable racism in our society through education and action
  • Advocating for GLBT Concerns by making our rainbow flag more visible 
  • Alleviating Hunger through the community garden and soup kitchen support 
  • Education through the Woodward House Education Program, YMCA, and Scouts