Stand Like a Christmas Tree

Pastor Kelly Jane’s Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! You Stand in Splendid Beauty!
Chances are you will have some time to stand this December. Standing in line, waiting to buy that last-minute gift.
Standing for carols or standing in airports.
Standing at the crowed festive party.

So, stand like a Christmas Tree.
Ground your feet.
Soften your knees (too rigid and you topple). Tuck your tailbone and lengthen your spine. Roll the shoulders down.
Let your arms relax down and out to the side,
Just a bit, forming a little triangle shape.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can threaten to blow us over. Trees, though they sway in the wind, don’t topple down –
When they are well rooted, Deep into the ground.

So, root yourself through the winds of the season.

Ground yourself in the spiritual,
And let your branches spread out in everlasting love.