Blocking God’s Love

Children’s Moment on February 2, 2020 by Rev. Kelly Jane Caesar

God loves us very much.

Child holding heart symbolizing God’s love

But sometimes we block God’s love and blessings.
Psalm 15 in the Bible tells us some ways in which we block God’s love.

If we lie, we block God’s love. (add block)

If we gossip or talk poorly about someone behind their back,
We block God’s love. (add block)

If we see injustice or bullying on the playground and don’t do anything,
We block God’s love. (add block)

If we don’t keep our promises,
We block God’s love. (add block)

If we lend money or toys and charge interest –
If we are greedy or refuse to share,
We block God’s love. (add block)

Are there other things we can do to block God’s love? (cheat, steal, murder, swear, etc.)

In the church we call these blocks sin.
Sin is anything that blocks us from God’s love.

God is still there. Still loving.

We have put up all these blocks.

To take down the blocks we confess our sins –
We say sorry and really mean it.

Sorry I didn’t share, help me to share better. (remove block)
Sorry I broke my promise, help me to keep my promise. (remove block)
Sorry I was silent when another was being hurt, help me to speak up. (remove block)
Sorry I spoke behind my friend’s back, help me to speak kind words to and about my friends. (remove
Sorry I lied, help me to tell the truth. (remove block)

Look! God is still there. Still loving!

Let’s pray with God now.
Gracious God, thank you for loving us all the time. Remove everything that blocks us from feeling your love and blessings. Amen.

Children all holding heart of God’s love for prayer