Embodied Faith: How to Bless

objects to bless

We are going to learn how to give a blessing! 

A blessing is calling or acknowledging God or the holy in a situation or object.  

Steps to giving a blessing: 

  1. Hands in blessing position (on prayer shawls, on sick person, on backpacks or outstretched over object or person, or holding hands) 
  2. Call God (ex. Holy One, Holy Spirit come, God be here…) 
  3. Describe situation (ex. It winter here! This new home signals a new beginning…) 
  4. Ask for what is needed (ex. May this shovel clear the way to work and play.  May this house be a home filled with love and comfort) 
  5. Amen 

Let’s do a blessing!  

Bless a shovel: 

Creator of the world, it’s cold here and snow is on the way. Bless this shovel that it may clear the way for work and play and keep us safe from falls. Amen.  

Bless some toys: 

God who created us,  some times the world is stressful. Bless these toys that they may bring joy and creative rest to our minds and souls. Amen.  

Bless the children: 

Jesus Christ, you came to us as a child and know what it is like.  You blessed the little children and we ask your blessing on these children.  May they experience your love in this place with these disciples that they may grow to be your faithful disciples too. Amen.